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Thank you for visiting my little place on the web!

I’m a twenty-something who found her peace in art and I strongly feel, you can too!

On my social media platforms, I post content about art journaling in hopes of inspiring people to be a bit more creative in their daily lives. 

I love how humans are naturally creative. There is no limit to the creative energy we have within us but finding your way of art isn’t that simple. It’s almost always a long road towards our first masterpiece creation. However, the journey towards it is enthralling. And it gets better when a few of us tag along with each other. So, I share my best work here with you.


Take a look around, perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you as well!

IMG_6176 2_edited.jpg

ABOUT the store


Every hustle starts out as a hobby and every hobby starts out as something you find really interesting and love doing. And I truly believe that there are no limits to the creative energy we have. This is what inspired me to start my own art store.

I created this store as a place for people to find unique and high-quality stationery goods so that they never stop creating. 

I'm so proud of these products, which are designed and visualized by me. I hope they add a daily dose of creativity, productivity, and mindfulness to your life.

Also, I try to be as sustainable as possible with my packaging and I encourage you too to reuse the packaging whenever possible. 


Thank you for everything, and as always, keep creating!

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