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Ways to fill your Notebooks!

If you are anything like me, you love collecting cute notebooks but don't know how to use them. In this blog, I will tell you some of my favorite ways of using them.


1. Art Journal

Are we surprised?

This is one of my favorite ways of filling up a notebook. If you know me, you know how much I love art journaling. It helps me express my thoughts and my emotions on paper in an art form. If you want to learn more about Art Journaling, I have an ultimate guide on it that will help you start your art journaling journey.


2. A commonplace Notebook

This idea is inspired by Jordan Clark's video

A commonplace notebook is a notebook in which noteworthy quotes, comments, etc. are written. You can write anything in this notebook, your ideas, song list, grocery list... ANYTHING!

Personally, I love writing notes from self-help books in my commonplace notebook.

I like that it is an unorganized scribbling notebook for your thoughts. If you can't keep up with a diary or a journal then this is perfect for you.


3. Reflection Journal

This is where I write about my feelings, I practice a stream of consciousness where I just go with the flow and write about my current thoughts and feelings, I also like to reflect on my life and see what is working and what is not. The best part about this journal is that you can get as vulnerable as you want and just go with the flow. It is not supposed to look pretty as the whole purpose of this exercise is to put what you have in your head on a piece of paper.


4. Bullet Journal

A Bullet Journal is a system where you organize your To-Do lists, schedules, reminders, tasks, and track your habits. It gives you the freedom to scribble your plans and ideas. It's a blank notebook, where you create your monthly, weekly, and daily layouts as per the way that works best for you. You can make it cute by using stickers and washi tapes or you can keep it very minimal and functional. Whatever works for you!

I like decorating it with stickers and washi tapes as it makes the whole process of planning very fun and therapeutic.


5. Travel Diary

If you like to travel a lot you must keep a travel diary to look back and cherish all the memories you collected in the past. In this diary, you can note down your flight details, make a packing list, list of places you visited, pictures, tickets, etc. It can be like a scrapbook of your travels.


That's all folks!

These are some of the ways I use my empty notebooks if you want to share how you use your empty notebooks, feel free to comment down below. 💜

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